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The Last Lid

The Last Lid on Shark Tank

Garbage Can Lid – Season 3 – Episode 303 – Update

So how do you take something as simple as a missing garbage can lid and turn it into a million dollar business? For starter’s you make it better and more efficient then it has ever been made before. The Last Lid was born out of necessity then a cool invention to turn into a business. Kevin and Melissa Kiernan had a problem with wild animals knocking down their trash cans and making big messes quick. Most garbage can lid’s are made in the hopes that you will lose them and buying a replacement has never been an option. Until Now!
The Last Lid is just that, the last lid you will ever need to buy and superior to any lid on the market.
t’s also guaranteed to keep the family of raccoon’s in your neighborhood out of your trash thus eliminating several problems with a single solution.
When the Kiernan’s first appeared on the Shark Tank Show in Season 3 earlier this year, they had a working model of their invention, but no sales to speak of. What they did have going for them was a unique product that solves a real problem for thousands of people and nothing on the market that covers this niche. They were asking the Sharks to invest $40,000.00 for a 20% stake in their business. Out of all the sharks that night, they were most interested in making a deal with Daymond Johnbecause of his Brand building and manufacturing skills. To their surprise, John was indeed the most interested in The Last Lid but without any previous sales he knew this would involve a lot of his time. With all  the other Sharks were already out andDaymond gave the Kiernan’s one chance to make him a deal he could not refuse.
As it’s been proven time and time again, when the Sharks give you one last chance to sweeten your offer, they mean it, and they will often give you their answer almost immediately. Kevin realising very quickly that his invention’s success has come down to what he says next, offers Daymond John 60% controlling interest in the Last Lid for $40,000,00. Daymond, almost looking shocked at such a generous percentage, agrees immediately to the deal.
Kevin and Melissa already had most of the pieces of the puzzle in place to make this a success but they lacked the one crucial piece to turn this invention into a serious business and change their financial lives forever.

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