Mee-Mas Gumbo season 4

Mee-Mas Gumbo

Carol says good gumbo is really hard to find as is the time to make it yourself. She developed a fully-seasoned gumbo base in the form of a brick that allows customers to add whatever ingredients they like. The sharks think the gumbo is delicious. Carol has about a half million dollars in sales by setting up shop in Costco as a road show item. She needs money to get it into more stores. She was accepted by Costco as a permanent item in the L.A. store, but she needs money to fulfill the order.

Lori says she and Kevin will put up the $200k for 50% of the business. They feel it’s important that they run the business so that they can make sure that Carol will be successful. Kevin says that she’s not worth a million bucks, but knows Carol is willing to work hard. That’s what makes America great. He tells Carol to tell Costco they are coming. The others sharks are shocked to see that Kevin has a heart. He claims Carol had him the moment she called him “slimey.”

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