.unclezipsjerky season 2

Ken Howell

BEST PART OF THE PITCH: Ken’s business is a tribute to his dad who passed away a few years ago. He doesn’t use any additives or preservatives for his fresh-tasting beef jerky. One of the sharks sitting before Ken also sells a brand of beef jerky. But Jeff Foxworthy still gives props to a very good product which has a shelf life of about two months. Ken had about $100,000 in annual sales at his peak, but that’s dipped to about $40,000 now.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? Robert doesn’t think the product has a long enough shelf life and Ken’s still not making any money. He’s out. Daymond says this is a small business, not an investment. Kevin O. feels the same way. They’re both out. Jeff’s out because he’s in the same business. Barbara’s out, as well. She doesn’t think Ken needs their help getting his business back on track. He’s capable of doing that all on his own. Let’s hope he tastes success again in the very near future.