hipchixs-feb13 season 4

Hip Chixs

These two sorority sisters from the great state of Texas have created a fun, sexy denim line. Their jeans stop unsightly images like “whale tale” and “muffin top.” You’ll have to watch the episode if you want to know what those phrases mean. Anyway, the girls have $12,000 in sales in a year.

         Kevin says the ladies aren’t making any money due to their problematic profit margin. Robert doesn’t believe the one store they are in is enough for him to invest. He’s out. Daymond believes they ladies should partner up with a female celebrity that may bite on their product, but he can’t invest in them at this point in time. Lori thinks the ladies should design something unique and different, but jeans aren’t it. She’s out. Mark doesn’t believe the ladies should stop what they are doing, but he can’t help them. Kevin disagrees with Mark. He believes there is no chance they’ll ever make it in the jeans business. He’s out, too.

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