main_1199112 season 4


Mike’s career has taken him on the road a lot over the years. That means he’s been away from his seven beautiful children for large chunks of time. It takes a toll on the relationships. Mike created a stuffed bear with technology that allows you to send your recorded voice to your child from anywhere at any time. He’s spent about half million bucks in development.

                      The sharks get uncomfortable when Mike doesn’t answer the question about his sales numbers right away. Barbara has a bad memory of her dad having recorded his voice for her family when she was young. It actually made her sad because he wasn’t there. She’s out. Mark doesn’t see anything unique with this product. He’s out. Robert follows his lead, as does Daymond. Kevin can’t give Mike the money he wants for a business he doesn’t think is worth it. He’s out, too. Looks like Mike will have to cuddle up with another partner.

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