Magic Moments

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MagicMoments is an iPhone app and online marketplace that allows you to take pictures, turn them into products, buy, share and sell them!

Magic Moments is an application which utilizes the ‘Café Press’ system. People are able to take photographs or put pictures on their mobile device. They then have the opportunity to add these images to merchandise sold by Café Press. The merchandise is then printed and sent on over to the purchaser ‘on demand’. Magic Moments takes a small amount of commission from each sale they send Café Press’ way.

Straight away the Sharks noticed a problem with the business model. It relied on Café Press far too much. In fact; if Café Press crumbled then the Magic Moments application would crumble along with it. This is not going to be ideal for investors as they will not have full control over the profitability of the business and that means they would be unable to secure their investment.

The investors also believed that this was not a good business opportunity. They believed that if so much cash could be made from having a mobile application like Magic Moments then Café Press would be doing the same thing. They are not. This means that they have identified that the idea may not be all that profitable. If by chance Magic Moments did take off then you could be sure that Café Press would jump in there and launch their own app. This again means that Magic Moments would lose its profitability virtually ‘overnight’.


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                  Shark Tank season 5 episode 9 started with Jamie Siminoff, owner of DoorBot, asking for a $700,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in his modernizing doorbell company. DoorBot is the Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell that allows you to see and speak with visitors through your smartphone or tablets from anywhere in the world.DoorBot is a high-tech doorbell that allows homeowners to see and communicate with guests at their front door via a smartphone app, that Jamie calls “caller ID for your front door.” The units sell for $199 apiece and cost $81.83 to make. Jamie sells DoorBots primarily direct to consumer, which has helped him hit $1 million in sales in the last 9 months. While some of the Sharks are skeptical about Jamie’s high valuation and ability to grow the business against cheaper competitors, Mr. O’Leary is quick to make his typical royalty-laden offer. Kevin offers Jamie $700,000 for 10% royalty, which drops to 7% after his investment is recouped, with 5% equity. Jamie isn’t interested in a royalty, so he counter offers with a $700,000 loan at a 10% interest rate, and a 3% equity kicker. Kevin backs off from the deal with his iconic, “you’re dead to me.” – See more at:

Surprise Ride

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Surprise Ride designs activity boxes that foster a lifelong love of learning. It takes a minute to join and makes the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. The company was founded by two sisters who grew up in a creative home. Each month, riders receive a themed box full of supplies and goodies to explore a fun new topic. From the wonder of photography to the world of chocolate, Surprise Ride is on a mission to feed people’s natural curiosities. Welcome aboard the ride !


3 Simple Principles…



Through carefully curated monthly activities, Surprise Ride aims to foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons. With a little hands-on learning and a lot of fun, we help kids exercise that special power of creative genius that empowers them to be tomorrow’s innovators. There’s no better way for kids to learn than by doing. There’s no better time than when they’re young and absorbing experiences like a sponge.






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Earthlogs are an innovative manufactured fire log made from clean waste paper and scrap candle wax. Using our patent pending, zero waste, closed loop production process, we take one of Americas top resources, waste, and turn that into the highest quality fire products available on the market.


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SLAWSA breaks the mold of modern condiments, boldly creating a whole new category of food, and standing alone in its realm of flavor. A delicious cross between a slaw and a salsa and far healthier than other toppers, SLAWSA is more versatile and is a must-have for your pre-game tailgate, grilling at your backyard barbecue or to spice up your mid-week family dinners. We beg you, don’t serve your guests boring condiments. SLAWSA became this bold new flavor not to win accolades, but to make the world more delicious…and if people choose to follow, well, the more the merrier. If you top it with slaw or eat it with salsa, you’ll love it with Slawsa.

An old family recipe for years, Slawsa is great with:
Hot Dogs, Sausages & Brats
Burgers, or as a spread for Sandwiches & Wraps
Barbeque and Pulled-Pork
Fish or incorporated within Tuna Salad
Tacos (Fish Tacos or Traditional) or within Burritos
Eggs – Atop or mixed with Egg Salad or Deviled Eggs
Serve as a dip for Tortilla Chips
Paired with Cream Cheese or Pimento Cheese on Crackers
Jazz up Meatloaf, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Baked Potato or Homemade Tarter Sauce
As a side by ITSELF!

There are numerous ways to incorporate Slawsa to reinvent your meals. Slawsa comes in four flavors so there are sure to be a few that suits your taste. If you eat it with Slaw or top it with Salsa, you’ll love Slawsa!