Stella Valle

December 16th, 2014 by

Paige and Ashley are former West Point cadets and Army officers who strip out of their camouflage fatigues to reveal beautiful eveningwear underneath. They started a jewelry line that reflects their innate sense of style blending masculine and feminine characteristics. They need money to grow their bland on a global level. They have $75,000 in sales since they started. Their product is being tested in places like Bloomingdale’s. They need money to take the idea of doing trunk shows at many different stores. Their profit margin is very good.

Geek Chic

December 16th, 2014 by

Robert is a self-proclaimed geek. He started designing furniture that is more than meets the eye. The dinner table he has in the tank can be transformed into a game-playing table and desk. There also ways to attach bins, counter holders and even wine glass holders. Robert did $2 million in sales in a year, but they were in the red by $100,000.

Geek Chic has been designing and manufacturing geek furniture exclusively since 2008. Starting as only three fellas in a garage, it has grown to 35 employees in 28,000 square feet.


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Brian has come up with away to avoid all the hassles that the airlines and TSA has added to lugging luggage. He has a door-to-door luggage shipping service that picks up your luggage from your home and sends it to wherever you’re going ahead of time. He’s sold $215,000 gross in 10 months and has netted $70,000. Brian charges between $39 and $99 to ship a bag based on its size.

Jones Scones

December 16th, 2014 by

J. is an American entrepreneur who has created scones that are just like the kind you’d find in England. He puts his law career on hold to bake these tasty treats. He gives the sharks some scones. He’s selling $5,000 in scones per month. He’s in six Denver-area Whole Foods stores. At one point, he was selling $113,000 in scones per month. He made the mistake of hiring a bad manufacturer

Serious Investors Seek For Ongoing Investment Opportunities

August 5th, 2014 by

Every day there are new ideas and projects, often invented by regular common people who just have an extra kick in finding new inventions to show the others. Some of these inventions become profitable projects to sustain for investors.

Actually, today investors look for original and useful inventions to support, financing the entire/partial manufacturing process. Ideas, projects and everything new and useful might transform into the ultimate great chance for savvy investors.

Riskiness And Safety Within Investinginvestor

Of course, there are all pros and cons of investing money in a new projects and investors have to consider all possible developments and set of circumstances before to embrace a new financial venture.

  • Riskiness is the biggest deal within an investment, regardless of the specific type of investment. In fact, every single investment includes risks, sometimes higher or lower than other investment types
  • Risk management: investors should also consider if there are realistic opportunities to manage all risks and keep control over the entire investment time. Some investments turns out to be more easily manageable as to risks involved
  • Safety and security are two core factors for all investors. Nobody in this world can ensure an investor about total safety – otherwise that wouldn’t be an investment in the full respect of the its financial nature! However, there are very good broker companies that offer excellent security conditions, for example like , a EUbased new broker company which employs cuttingedge technology and boasts best professional competence in various financial markets
  • Among the many pros of a financial investment there are returns. Generally, ongoing investments are proven to bring better returns to the investor, that’s why longterm investing is preferred over short-term opportunities
  • Binary options may be considered as a cool way to approach finance without to make big investments. Traders who deal with binary options don’t have to be millionaire individuals, just invest small to get small, yet realistic returns in a short span of time.

Getting Started? That’s Easier With Finmarket!

The most important element traders need in order to get started without to make mistakes is a good and reliable broker. Finmarket is the right answer to all doubts and questions about becoming an investor in the today’s digital investment industry, a dramatically growing and dynamic new industry.

Finmarket offers new traders all the necessary education tools to learn all about finance, in particular on binary options and the best ways to get the most from options.

Negative experiences of traders out there might scare beginners, but the fact is that behind a failure there are several factors: binary options are just a tool, what matters is the trader’s ability to use this financial tool the right and best way possible.

Features Of Finmarket

So, education comes first – that’s a fundamental part of the job, new traders shouldn’t be in a hurry when learning binary options. Other outstanding features of Finmarket as a new and advanced broker include:

  • Regulation: Finmarket is completely regulated and licensed under CySec having license number 273/15
  • Security: Finmarket operates in accordance with EU’s MiFID rules and EU’s AntiMoney Laundering Legislation. Traders at Finmarket are ensured about total integrity of financial funds and protection of personal information
  • Support: a live 24/5 multilingual customer support is dedicated to helping all traders and Finmarket’s website visitors