Caddyswag-3b season 2


BEST PART OF THE PITCH: Melissa defines the Caddyswag Golfer as your average, everyday golfer whose score is secondary to just having a good time. That’s why Ben invented the Par 6 cooler which keeps six 12-ounce cans cold for 18 holes of golf. It fits in the shoe pocket of any golf bag. They are selling two Par 6 coolers for $19.99. They average $15,000 per year in sales.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? Daymond is out immediately. Guess he doesn’t golf. Kevin H. doesn’t think this product has enough punch to it to get folks to call in when they see it advertised on The Golf Channel. He’s out. Robert thinks the product is trivial, so he’s out. Barbara believes there’s a need for the product, but feels it is too small to make any money back on her investment. She’s out. Kevin O. is also gone, which is par for the course.