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Proof Eyewear

The three brothers from Idaho create hand-crafted eyewear from the most sustainable woods out there. They have eco-friendly frames and their family has been in the wood business for a very long time. Since no two trees are exactly alike, no two pairs of Proof glasses are either. They have $433k in sales over 12 months and they predict doubling it. People like Snoop Dogg and Beyonce have worn their glasses. They have a big order from Pacific Sunwear.


Robert and Kevin bicker about the differences in their offers as the brothers make a phone call to their dad. The guys ask if either shark would be able to up their money offer. They ask Robert for $200k for 20% of the company, but Robert wants to stick with his original offer. That’s not something the brothers can do. Robert is disappointed, but the brothers are proud that they stayed true to their vision.

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